At Woodlanders we use a system called Tapestry to build your child’s learning journey during their time with us. It is a secure online system, where a profile is created for each child. Your child’s key person and other staff will add photographs, observations and assessments which create a wonderful picture of your child’s special moments and learning opportunities whilst here at Woodlanders.

Our favourite element of tapestry is the opportunities it provides for information sharing with parents. Parents and/or carers are added as users to your child’s Tapestry profile. This means that every time something is added to your child’s profile, you will be informed via email. This will usually be a photograph with an observation of what was going on. This is a lovely way of sharing your child’s Woodlanders moments with them at home, and also gives you an instant snippet into what they are doing whist you are not with them. The observations will usually show links to the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, giving a clear picture of how your child’s developmental milestones are progressing.

Tapestry also allows you to add photographs and comment on your child’s profile. We love seeing these updates come in, and giving the children the opportunity to share them with us.

When signing up to tapestry (on induction), we ask all users to sign a declaration agreeing to certain terms and conditions. These will be explained at the time.

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Tapestry is about capturing the magic of children’s early years experience and recording each child’s learning journey to make it easy for you to track your child’s individual progress – as well as providing special memories to treasure.

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